Undisclosed Territory #3

Boris Nieslony

Boris Nieslony  Germany

Born 1945, lives and works in Cologne, Germany
Boris Nieslony is a performance artist, sculptor and intermedia artists,whose works are considered .. „to be along the lines of European anti-formalism which, via Fluxus, goes back to Situationist International, Dada. If, on the one hand, he feels concerned by historicism. On the other, he puts on ephemeral performances based on the logic of very specific conceptual physical responses.“..(quotes from Peter Farkas)
Boris Nieslony was co-founder of the „Künstlerhaus Hamburg“ , organizer of the performance space „Kleiner Ausstellungsraum“, co-founder of „Black Market International“. He is a founder of „Art Service Association“ (ASA-European) – a performance art network and he installed the „Permanent Performance Art Conference“ (15 conferences worldwide since 1995). In 2000, he established the E.P.I Zentrum (International Performance Institute), an institute to practice performance and theoritical research.
www.asa.de ; www.epi-zentrum.org