Undisclosed Territory #3


Su-En Sweden

SU-EN is a dancer, choreographer and performance artist. She is the artistic director of SU-EN Butoh Company since 1992, based in Sweden and performs internationally.
SU-EN lived in Tokyo in the years 1986-1994 where she trained as an apprentice with the Tomoe Shizune & Hakutobo group where Yoko Ashikawa was teaching. She also holds a nattori licence in Jiuta-mai from the Yoh Izumo school. After the move to Sweden in 1994 the work is also strongly influenced by performance art, action art and sound specific art. Since 2006 SU-EN is also the curator for Friction International Performance Festival which is organized by Uppsala Art museum.
SU-EN has recieved many sholarships and awards for her work.