05 – 30/05/2022

Nuraishah Rashid is a contemporary artist and filmmaker with an art practice grounded in porosity as a thought process to investigate and interrogate personal histories through documents of memory such as photographs, the oral recounting of family memoirs, and grieving the inevitable loss of memory.

Nuraishah  Rashid is our student in residency at Studio Plesungan from 5th to 30th of May 2022.

The residency is part of the cooperation program between Studio Plesungan and the Nanyang Academy of Fine Art Singapore under the Intervention and Practice (Unit8) 2022.
During  her residency, Nuraishah was exploring and experiencing the relationship between human and nature. She was seekig liniage of her Javanese culture heritage.
Through observing the art and culture environment and community durinng  the residency, Nuraishah has written her research documenntation you can find under this link.