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about undisclosed #11

We are living within various ways of developing our nutrition, from the traditional, to emerging and advanced technology. Naturally, our bodies are depending on the nutrition we are consuming. This nutrition gives a certain impact through the function of our organs and influence our behavior in our daily lives. In a bigger society range, our culture cannot be separated from our nutritive behavior. It depends on the environment of where the source of the food comes from. In our modern world, food technology, industry and transportation have been bringing different kind of food from other parts of the world to our nearest supermarkets. Thus, there are also many reactions towards this transcultural industry and they become more critical concerning our health and capitalistic industry.
In most of our traditional cultures, there are many rituals and ceremonies where food becomes one of its most important element. Each ceremony involves certain choices of food in order to give certain meanings to life. In our modern world, those ceremonies imply its modernity and hybrid style. Nevertheless, we tend to forget the meaning of its symbolic use, but rather focus on the festivity and economical reason.
In the contemporary art world, the idea of ritual and food traditions has been well known in the performance art and visual arts. In the western history of performance art, food has been used as the main material or object or even as the main subject. There are also different ways to treat the food as material or object in the performance art. It can be used as a mean to activate our body’s sensory system by emerging the taste, the smell, colors (tongue, nose, eyes). There are even sound artists using food as source of noise in relations with digital censor technology. The use of food can also be used as symbolic object which represents a bigger issue rather than about the food itself, by setting it up or putting on specific action to the food. It is often used to represent socio political issues or cultural issues. It triggers imagination and poetry of the subject through the presence of the food and the action of the performers. Food as an object in performance art, complement and complete its meaning through the existence of action or action that is specially done in accordance with the concept of the work itself.
In the “undisclosed territory # 11” we underline a popular phrase: “We Are What We Eat” as the title of our working theme. “undisclosed territory # 11” invites participating artists to examine and revisit the role of food in terms of cultural, as well as in critical aesthetics and philosophy. Performance art works that highlight food ritualization, the way a society deals with food, the origin and history of food, the food industry, health, and others will be the main focus of the “undisclosed territory # 11” edition.
With its varous programs, “undisclosed territory #11” will be back from November 6 – 11, 2018 in the Studio Plesungan Karanganyar , involving 20 visual artists, choreographers and musicians from Indonesia, Japan, The Philippines, Thailand , Argentina and Northern Ireland.

PALA (Performance Art Laboratory) Project kembali diadakan setelah terakhir diadakan pada tahun 2011. PALA Project merupakan laboratorium performance art yang merupakan ajang pertemuan dan saling berbagi antar pseserta. PALA Project mengutamakan pada proses pencarian, riset dan pertukaran metode kerja dan pengalaman masing-masing peserta. Laboratorium ini difasilitasi hanya untuk para psereta dan bersifat tertutup.

Creator‘s Cradle Circuit
Festival lintas negara Creators’ Cradle Circuit merupakan sebuah tantangan artistik untuk mengeksplorasi makna Asia di era baru yaitu era masyarakat global tanpa batas ini. Dalam festival ini, seniman muda seni pertunjukan dan kurator muda dari Asia Tenggara dan Jepang akan bergerak melintasi kota-kota Asia, dan menetaskan karya untuk mengeksplorasi hubungan baru dalam seni pertunjukan kontemporer dan komunitas berdasarkan penelitian mereka, melalui tatap muka dan diskusi dengan masyarakat di setiap wilayah. Creator’s Cradle Circuit datang ke Solo untuk mengamati proses dan pelaksanaan undisclosd territory #11 2018 dengan didukung oleh Asia Centre Japan Foundation, Tokyo.

Worshop ini mengundang Naoki Iwata aka SKANK (Tokyo) untuk berbagi materi metode and teknik komposisi suara dan musik digital sebagai pengiring atau kolaborator tari.
Skank hidup dan bekerja di Tokyo sebagai komposer musik bagi berbagai macam pertunjukan tari kontemporer. Sebagai seniman performans, Skank juga telah menampilkan karyanya di festival-festival internasional.

Fajar lives and works in Bandung, he works with a variety of mediums, he is very interested in performance and often uses food, cooks and eats in his works, one of the reason is because he imagines that through food there is a part of Fajar which is become one with the appreciators.

Reza Afisina, born in 1977, is a new media artist from Depok, West Java – Indonesia. Works predominantly in performance art and multimedia presentations. Members of ruangrupa, an artist collective from Jakarta and as part of the artist collective ecosystem in Jakarta with a focus on the work of the art collective laboratory.

Sakinah Alatas was born in Bogor on April 14, 1994, works and lives in Jakarta, Indonesia. Artists receive art education at Jakarta State University. In her creation of artwork, she often raise personal issues and identities because they are interesting to be made into issues or work content, besides that identity can become an instrument for discussion and public dialogue. Therefore artists believe that art can become a vessel to accommodate freedom from personal anxiety. In the practice of art, there are many mediums. Currently the artist is holding a residency at the Cemeti Institute for Art and Society Yogyakarta.

Hanif Alghifary (born 1993, Jakarta) Student of the Institute of Social and Political Sciences, Jakarta. He is a member of the Kolektif Klub Karya Bulu Tangkis, who is also active in 69 Performance Clubs. In 2017, he attended the Europalia Arts Festival with 69 Performance Clubs in S.M.A.K, Belgium.

Jef Carnay A Filipino Visual / Performance artist: practicing since 1999, exhibited his works in local and international art galleries, museums and alternative spaces. Performed both local and international art events and festivals. Curated local and international live art performances and exhibitions. Participated in international artist in residency programs. Board of Trustees of FILVADRO Filipino Visual Arts and Design Rights Organization a collective management organization for visual arts and design: Core Member of “TutoK” (artists initiative). Convener of the art event “Bulong” a night of poetry, songs and other performances. Director/Curator of “Hostile Creatures” an art happening that features performance art practitioners. Member of the band “earthfishfish”.

Aliansyah Caniago (b. 1987 in Indonesia) lives and works in Bandung, Indonesia. He studied Painting at the Bandung Institute of Technology Faculty Art and Design. Through site-specific interventions, installations and durational performances, he is interested in working directly with communities and developing artworks that could blend-in with the society, entering conflicted areas creatively and trying to repair the damaged environment.  He participated in several group exhibitions and performance art events, both local and international. Alongside his artistic practice, he is also one of the founder of an artist collective space in Bandung, Ruang Gerilya. This space provides a platform for experimental works, and has a focus on artists interested in process and research. Apart from exhibitions, Ruang Gerilya hosts also discussions, artist talks, and workshops. In 2015, Aliansyah was awarded as the the Winner of Bandung Contemporary Art Award 2015, Bandung, Indonesia and also awarded as the top honor of Indonesian Art Award held by National Gallery, Jakarta, Indonesia. In 2017, He did a project in Amsterdam, Netherlands. He interviewed some peoples who banned from Indonesia during the “Indonesiasiasi Period” after the independency of Indonesia and made the “Video Without CUT project”. He is currently in residence at Mo+++, Vietnam.

SKANK was born in 1972, living and working in Tokyo. After studying at a Buddhist music college in Kyoto, Skank pursued experimental electronic music without tying himself in a certain form. With a variety of types of music and sound art, SKANK has collaborated with many dance company, theater and visual artists, including Nibroll, Yubiwa Hotel, and many other independent artists. Besides focusing on music creation, SKANK has also created many photography works and installation of objects that have been exhibited in various places. A feature writer, poet, artist, Jittima Pholsawake is keen on the issues of the environment and community affected by development, the way of life of ethnic peoples, inequality, and cross-boundary as well as work for social justice of people’s sector. Apart from expressing herself through the works of poetry and arts, she has joined many times in the uprisings of people’s movements.
She believes arts helps to transform society. And arts can be introduced to mobilize the cause of people’s movements. She attempts to combine the issues of arts and community by creating the “Cultural Rights Project” under which the art exchange between Thai-Burma Salween has been launched and artists from the region got to work together at villages along the Salween in Maehongson, the arts and community in the sea-nomad community of “Urak Lavoy”, Ban Toebalew, Lanta Island, Krabi and lately the Arts in a Common River: Mekong River

Agus Margiyanto, active as a dancer and choreographer. He was once a member and theater actor. He has been involved in the work of several choreographers and directors such as: Suprapto Suryodarmo, Joko Bibit Santoso, Jarot B. Darsono, Eko Supriyanto, Melati Suryodarmo, Garin Nugroho, Atilah Soeryadjaya, Leine Roebana, Don Mamoeny, Ines Somellera, Boby Ari Setiawan, Retno Sulistyorini, Rianto , and others. As a choreographer, he created several dance works.

Sinéad O’Donnell works in performance, installation, site and time-based art. Based in Belfast, Sinéad studied sculpture at the University of Ulster, textiles in Dublin and visual performance and timebased practices at Dartington College of Arts. She was lead artist and curator for an ‘Unlimited’ commission entitled CAUTION as part of the London 2012 Festival. She is currently a Flax Arts Studios artist, Belfast, Northern Ireland. Sinéad won the Arts Council of Northern Ireland Major Award in 2017/18.

Graciela Ovejero Postigo is a trans-disciplinary artist born in San Miguel de Tucumán Argentina, who’s work has been exhibited internacionaly. She has explored the language of performance art since the mid-1980s in the context of Grupo Crónica in Tucumán     (Northwest Argentina), taking it back as        her main practice since 2005. She is founder-director of Peras de Olmo—Ars Continua (2011), a non-profit venue focusing on performance and timebased art forms in Buenos Aires as an ongoing  relational art project, collective            research and archive construction, personal lab and offering. Es también Directora fundadora de Co.De. / Constelaciones Decoloniales en Arte          Acción, encuentro internacional de arte acción en espacios públicos, Argentina (2017). She holds MFA from UCSD USA, Licenciatura in Visual Artes from UNT, Argentina, Professorship on classical dance. She has worked as a solo dancer, docent and independent choreographer (1973-1985 AR). Member of several collectives: Grupo Crónica (1984-85 AR);            BAWTAF/Border Arts Workshop and Las Comadres (San Diego-Tijuana 1990-93 USA); LoLas Crónicas (2005-present AR). She served as member of      the Committee or Artistic Recommendations at Centro Cultural de la Raza en San Diego, CA USA (1989-1995). Currently she is mostly based in Buenos Aires and principally concerned with the performance art field, curatorial and independent cultural organizing and production. She has produced more than 70 solo     shows, large process oriented projects and solo performances in          museums, cultural centers, independent galleries and public  spaces         in Argentina, Mexico, USA, Japan, Spain,   Pakistan,Thailand, Brazil, Ecuador, Colombia, Chile, Uruguay, Venezuela, Germany, Canada.

Muslimin Bagus Pranowo is familiarly called IMIN, born in Solo on 29 November 1982. Learning to dance directly from his own mother, his interest in dance continued with training in dancing at the studio since 1989, then continued to formal education. His love for arts world and the dance world in particular makes IMIN also learn a lot directly from several artists both inside and outside the country and until now he also active in making of dance works.

Ragil Dwi Putra (Salatiga, 1992). Graduated from the IKJ Faculty of Fine Arts in 2016 took the Graphic Arts Department. Several times participating in performance art workshops in art events such as JKT 32 2014, joined in Palu Gada Company, a group of multimedia performances from the workshop with Reza `Asung` Afisina in OK. Video 2015. Then in 2016 he joined 69 club performances, a  platform of performance study in Jakarta. ‘Daya hadir dan Ketubuhan’ with Melati Suryodarmo. He is also a member of the KKBT (Klub Karya Bulu Tangkis) group of young Jakarta artists whose projects focus on urban culture. In his work he uses a lot of participatory and performance approaches that involve the body as the main medium.

Fransisca Retno is a lecturer of the UMN Visual Communication Design (Multimedia Nusantara University) coordinator of the Experimental Arts course. This Trisakti FSRD graduate, has been active in art especially in the performance art medium since 2012. After continuing her education to the master of fine arts study program at the Bandung Institute of Technology, she then decided to concentrate more on enriching the art of performance as a consequence of taking the theme of performance art in the study of its final assignment. Have participated in several performance art events such as a collective exhibition at Lawangwangi Bandung art room, a single art presentation ‘Merayakan Surga’ at the Indonesian Building suing, PADJAK # 6 (Performance Art in Jakarta) in the Kota Tua, exhibition Exi (s) t # 4 ‘Food Files’ on Dia.lo.gue art space, Undisclosed Territory # 9 at Solo Floating Studio, featuring an engineering event called ‘Long Life Laboratory’ at the 2016 Jakarta Bazaar Art, and the last ‘Pseudo Delights’ at the National Gallery in 2017 with the chosen program Exi (s) t titled ‘Tomorrow as We Know It’. In mid-2017, she started an alternative art space in Surakarta called Rumah Bharata as a form of her concern for the development of visual arts in the city where her parents came from, while preparing several domestic and foreign performative projects.

Ratu R. Saraswati (b.1990, Jakarta, Indonesia) creates meaningful encounters through her practice. She believes that artistic endeavour is expansive for human’s empathy and a sincere common ground within the realm of the psyche. Her works are results of her continuous reflections upon her manic-depressive mind. Throughout the years, it has shaped her interpretations of both her personal experiences and collective narratives- that are more than often, remains taboo in regards to today’s increasing intolerance. She expresses her thoughts through performance and installations within recent years. Her studies result in her realization towards the importance of the body and space. For her, they are essential to understand both physical and mental conditions of the common place for memories are recorded and stored within them. Ratu graduated with Bachelor of Art in 2013 from Institut Teknologi Bandung and now she is living and working in Jakarta, actively engaging her immediate audience through art education.

Boby Ari Setiawan was born on 18 January 1983 in Klaten, Central Java, Indonesia. His background is art, especially traditional Javanese dance tradition. He finish his education at the Art Institute of Indonesia ( ISI ), Solo / Surakarta in 2008 and studied the field of contemporary dance choreography. He worked with several dance companies in Indonesia and overseas dance companies. in 2009 he began to collaborate and work with Leine Roebana Dance Company / Amsterdam till now 2018. Boby Ari Setiawan is a choreographer, dancer, and also a leader in Independent Expression (IE) dance company, is one of the contemporary dance company that is productive in creating works of contemporary dance. Create and share the art of traditional java dance in a fresh new way, which raised about the traditional art through the work of contemporary dance. In 2014 he began working as a dancer with artistic director Peter Chin to prepare for his latest work “WOVEN” in Toronto 2015.  in 2015, the cooperation of the Yayasan Kelola and American Dance Festival assisted also by First State Investment Indonesia provides an opportunity for him, following the American Dance Festival program as an international choreographer of Indonesian representatives in North Caroline, Durham. He also began new project as a dancer with Leine Roebana Dance Company to prepare his new piece “Light “, just premiered on Mei 2016 in Amsterdam. Since November 2017 until March 2018 he joined as one of the dancer in TabulaRasa with choreographer from Belgium Isabelle Beernaert, has more than 50  performance around Belgium and Netherland.

Retno Sulistyorini, Active as a choreographer and dancer. As a dancer, she was involved in the work of several artists and choreographers, including: Suprapto Suryodarmo, Goenawan Mohamad, Sardono W. Kusumo, Djarot B. Darsono, Eko Supriyanto, Mugiyono Kasido, Eko Supendi, Melati Suryodarmo, Yusril, Astari R., Ni Kadek Yulia Moure, Danang Pamungkas, Kandhi Wirastuti, Bejo Tri Kumoro, and others. Until now she is still active in making dance works.

Daisuke Takeya is a Toronto-Tokyo based interdisciplinary artist, and ofttimes curator, collector, art educator and community advocator. Takeya’s praxis is comprised of the exploration of nature and plausibility in contemporary society, and hinges on all kinds of double meanings. He has participated in numerous solo and group exhibitions in Canada and internationally, including shows at the Museum of Contemporary Art, Toronto; the Japan Foundation, Toronto; Scotia Bank Nuit Blanche, Toronto; SVA Gallery, New York, US; Wagner College Gallery, New York, US; and the Chongqing Changjiang Museum of Contemporary Art, China. Takeya has had work exhibited across Japan, including at the Fukushima Contemporary Art Biennial; the Saison Art Program, Saison Museum of Modern Art, Tokyo; Roppongi Art Night, Tokyo; and the Prince Takamado Gallery, Embassy of Canada, Tokyo. He is the representative and the curator of Field Trip Project/ Field Trip Project Asia, POWER TO THE PEOPLE, Fukushima NO ALICE, Multi Layered Surfaces, and DAICHI Projects. In 2018, he will have solo exhibitions at Xu Space, Chongqing, China; Yamagata Retro-kan (Formerly the Yamadera Hotel). This year Takeya will also participate in the Yamagata Biennale, Yamagata, Japan; Ubud Writers and Readers Festival, Bali, Indonesia; SIPAF (Solidarity in Peace Performance Art Festival), Manila, Philippines; ZERO PLATFORM: A FESTIVAL OF PERFORMANCE ART 2018 (Myanmar); Canon New Cosmos of Photography 2018 (Honorary Mention Award Winner), Tokyo Photographic Museum; and will direct the inaugural Responding: International Performance Art Festival and Meeting. www.daisuketakeya.com/ http://asia.fieldtrip.info/ http://fieldtrip.info/ www.mlss.art/ www.fukushimanoalice.com/ www.responding.jp/

Wilawan Wiangthong is young artist from Thailand who bases on performance art(Visual Art) .She has completed Bachelor’s degree in Visual Art (Mixed Media) in 2013 at Silpakorn University, Bangkok. Her art work creation identity concerns fantasy, weirdness of female character named ‘Imaginative Identity ‘. There are has 5 pieces of art work in this project; Mi-Ka-Chang show, thesis Art Exhibition at Sanamchan Art Center, 2013; Drama thais Art Exhibition at Adler Sudhashok Gallery, Bangkok, 2014; Snow White Show at Nan Art Festival, 2014; Jupiter show at Hof Art Space and Bridge Art Gallery, 2015; and,Angle-Angel at Yet Space, 2014 including Miss X show Monologue Art Exhibition at Bridge Art Gallery . In Group Exhibition in 2015  titled ‘Odd Women’ she shows us an odd family consisting of four female member. They represent the real member of her family , showing at People gallery, Bangkok Art and Culture Center. In 2013 and 2014 she has attended International Performance Art and Art Exhibition at Bangkok Art and Culture Center.  She’s got 2rd prize award in Art Tree Reality Thailand on ThaiPBS Chanal in 2013. At the present time, she is studying in Master Degree in Visual Art at Silpakorn University Bangkok.

Dwi Windarti was born in 1982, born and raised in Gunung Kidul Special Region of Yogyakarta. She introduced to art since entering vocational high school high school in Jogja majoring in theater. Join and active with the Sego Gurih theater group (now called Sedut Senut) which is working on Javanese theater, at that time Windarti had been awarded as a talented woman in a festival in Jogjakarta. She entered college in 2001 active as a student and began working outside the campus a year after entering college. Graduated from college in 2007 and became a professional choreographer with numerous works and also became a choreographer in several dance films where she also went on several films as an actor. The last work produced was Roro Mendut’s dance work which continued to be performed in various formations from 2013-2017 in Korea, Japan and Indonesia. until finally she had an opportunity to format it into a 9-minute dance film, play in the 2017 Bandung Festival of Art event and will be screened again in several places in the same event in 2018 in Bandung.

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