Undisclosed Territory #4

Boris Nieslony

Boris Nieslony

Performance artist, teacher, organizer, sculptor and intermedia artist. 1978, he was cofounder of the „Künstlerhaus Hamburg“ and run an artist-runspace in Hamburg, which was only the space in Germany in this time which show performance art and intermedia art continually. He was founder of an excellent archive on performance art. Together with seven other artists he set up the international group, BLACK MARKET INTERNATIONAL (now 12 artists from 8 countries). Founder of ASA-European, a performance art network and founder of the “Permanent Performance Art Conference” (15 conferences worldwide since 1995)

His work can be categorised as being along the lines of European anti-formalism which, via Fluxus, goes back to Situationist International, Dada. If, on the one hand he feels concerned by historicism, on the other, he puts on ephemeral performances based on the logic of very specific conceptual physical responses.
He started his artistic carrier as painter, photographer and musician.
Boris Nieslony has dedicated his life’s work to developing greater understanding of the philosophical, ethical, social, historical revolutionary and insurrectionary implications of performance art and to disseminating these findings as broadly as possible. He is a tireless and inspiring advocate of the art of performance living, lying in the encounter of meeting. he advocates the practice through organising and attending many artists’ meetings internationally, publishing his and others’ theoretical texts, archiving work and creating performance, photography and installation works that forcibly confront an existential unease and an alchemical , visual poetry. In 1985 Nieslony co-founded Black Market International, a collaborative meeting of performance artists and in 1985 he founded Art Service association [www.asa.de] which acts as an agency to connect performance artists in different networks. Since 1995 he has also established a series of annual events in Germany, Permanent Performance Konferenz, designed to investigate the possibilities of performance art both practically and theoretically. 
2000 he established the E.P.I. Zentrum (International Performance Institute), an institute to practice performance and theoretical research.
[ www.asa.de ; www.epi-zentrum.org ; www.unfertigeangebote.org ]
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Boris Nieslony
born: 02.10.1945 
Biography in the field of life in art
Education 1970 – 1976
Art Academy – Berlin. (Painting, Sculpture, Philosophy, Art-History, Art –Sociology) 
Prof. Bachmann, Prof. R. Girke, 
Art Academy – Hamburg: Prof. G. Graubner, Prof. U. Rückriem, Prof Georg Jappe, 
1966 Political Action 
1971 Painting, Drawing,
1974 Music (Free-Jazz)
1975 Objects, 
1976 Interdisciplinary Actions
1976 Photography
1978 Installation, Concerts
1978 Interdisciplinary Projects, Interventions, project : Communication Tube
1978 Performances, Performance Art
1979 Art-Books, electrocardiography
1979 Plots, life + situation 
1980 Themes: 
Alchemy of the daily life ; Allotropy of the daily life; 
Prefigurated Objects: The House, The Table, The Chair, Clothes, Cross, 
“How I open an image” project: “Anthropognostical Dishes” – cultural, ethnographical and anthropognostical studies of the pictures of the human being. 
“Atlantis”: The Approximation an a central point – attempts
“Institute of Pataphysian Spaceship and Normatif Equivalenttheory” 
Tableaux Vivants, Games + Disputs
The ” DIN A 4 Culture ” ; Copy-Art, electrocardiography, 
The Black Kit / The Performance Art Archive
“ The council I”, meeting as performance; service as performance; Performance Art
European Network
Poetical Turn in Objects and Photography
The ” Mobile Container Architecture “
IntermediaTransformed to 
• “THE PARADIS”, a sculpture in moving, laboratory of perception
• “ANTHROPOGNOSTICAL DISHES” a sculpture in moving
• “BLACK MARKET INTERNATIONAL” an International performances art association 
• Different Soloperformances

• A S A – EUROPEAN an international art-service-project; service, curating, organizing, research, gift
• “THE CURRENT AFFAIRS “ an European exchange project
• “Die GABE” + “RENT an ARTIST”, two international service projects in fields of performance art
Performance Art Research, Context in Performance Art ° http://www.asa.de/conferences/index.htm 
15 conferences till 2006
• The near-yearly Internet Performance Art Magazine ° slaps – banks – plots ° www.asa.de/magazine 
• E.P.I. Zentrum, European Performance Institute www.epi-zentrum.org 
Performances, seminars, nomad-teaching and exhibitions worldwide
Performance experiments
Had worked in generosity form with the Galleries: 
Wilma Lock / CH; Baackscher Kunstraum / D; Bernhard Wittenbrink / D; Toni Gerber / CH; Jordan-Gallery / D; Almut Gerber / D
since 2008 
looks like all years before, straight on in life and art°°°°°°°
biography events in life art 2008
* Performance „birthday of the Art „, Le Lieu, Quebec City / Canada
* Performance „Koan, Daily Life Plot – translation“, school of Hesdperus, Toronto / Canada
* Lecture, workshop. The School of the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston / USA
* Performance „MA, Version XXXVII„ Mobius Artspace, Boston / USA
Performance „Ach, Ach„ with Lewis Gesner, Mobius Artspace, Boston / USA
* Performance „MA, Version XXXVIII„ Maschinenhaus der Zeche Carl, Essen
* Performance „Koan, Daily Life Plot – translation” Festival Khoj-Live 08, Palette Art Gallery, Delhi / Indien
* Performance „Koan, Daily Life Plot – translation” Festival Khoj-Live 08, Goethe Institut, Delhi / Indien
Project PALA, Artist Meeting in Cilimas, Tejakula, Bali / Indonesien
Performance „Sharing time” with Suprapto Suryodarmo, Alastair MacLennan, Boedi O Tong, Project PALA,
Tejakula, Bali / Indonesien
* Performance „ Naturstudy – Stein”, Ponjok Batu Temple, Bondalem, Bali / Indonesien
* Performance „A feather fell on Indonesia…” in Festival “Undisclosed Territory#2”, organized by Padepokan 
Lemah Putih, Solo / Indonesien
Performance „ “ with Jürgen Fritz in Festival “Undisclosed Territory#2”, organized by Padepokan Lemah 
Putih, Solo / Indonesien
Performance „Naturstudy – Reis”, Candi Cetho Temple, Mont Lawu / Indonesien
Project “Strict Absent” in „Spring Olympic Games“ by Denis Romanovski, Schweden
* Performance „ A feather fell on Poland – Version I “ , Warszawa / Polen
* Performance “ A feather fell on Poland – Version II “ , in Festival Interakcje 10, Piotrokow Trybunalski / Polen
4 Performances “ Naturstudyn “ , in project “Groundwork” by Z. Piotrowski ”in Festival Interakcje 10, 
Piotrokow Trybunalski / Polen 
* Performance “Naturstudy – with strange Tongues “ , BIPAF, Bucheon, Süd-Korea
* Performance “Naturstudy – Rice“, GIPAF, Gimcheon, Süd-Korea
* Performance “Naturstudy – with strange Tongues “, Sancheon-City, Süd-Korea
* Performance “Naturstudy – with strange Tongues “, in Project “unlimited liability “, Hamburg
* Performance “Naturstudy – ”, in project “between Sky and Sea” , Bergen / Norway
* Lecture , in project Weld-Navinki Performance meeting, Royal University College of Fine Arts Stockholm / 
* workshop, in project Weld-Navinki Performance meeting, Royal University College of Fine Arts Stockholm / 
* Performance 1, “Naturstudy – Wall “, in project Weld-Navinki Performance Meeting, Stockholm / Sweden
Performance 2, “Naturstudy – “, in project Weld-Navinki Performance Meeting, Stockholm / Sweden
Performance 3, “A feather fell down on Sweden “, in project Weld-Navinki Performance Meeting, Stockholm / 
Project “ Meeting with B.N.” by Peter Trachsel, in project “DER LADEN” part of the museum of 
movement, Gallery Tuchamid in Klosters / CH