Undisclosed Territory #4

Satriana Didiek

Satriana Didiek

born in 1969, lives and works in Solo, Indonesia

Didiek’s works are mostly exploring the daily life phenomenon and the changes that appear among his surroundings. His actions are related to the situations where he lives, especially those which influences his political view.
Didiek has been performing since the last 10 years, besides he continues painting and teaching at the ISI (Indonesian Institute of Arts Surakarta).He has joined various visual arts exhibitions and performance art festival in Indonesia.



  • Bachelor of Fine Arts  University of March 11th (Universitas Sebelas Maret), Surakarta, Java. 1999.
  • Master of Cultural Studies and Media Gajah Mada University Jogja, Java, 2008

Selected Exhibitions and performances

  • Group Art Exhibation “2 GANG (edisi reuni), at Green House Book & Café (Solo, 2008)
  • Media Art Exhibation “Switch ON” with Homework Study Club at Gallery TBS (Surakarta Cultural Center, 2007)
  • Visual Art Exhibation “Menyapa Solo”, at Press Museum (Solo, 2007) /G
  • Group Art Exhibition “Multimatramakna” at Soedjatmoko Museum ( Solo, 2006)
  • Group Art Exhibition “Interaksi II”  at Art Center Bali (Denpasar, 2005)
  • Drawing Exhibition “Abstain” at Studio Suryo (Solo, 2004) /G
  • Group Art Exhibition “Interaksi” at Gallery TBS (Surakarta Cultural Center, 2003)
  • Solo Drawing Exhibition “It’s Not About Art But Love” at Gallery Senirupa UNS (Solo, 2003)
  • Public Art “It’s Not about Art But Love” at the Annual Exotic Millennium Art Festival (Mega Mendung, 2002).
  • Installation Exhibition “Home Sweet Home” at LBH Garage ATMA (Solo, 2001)
  • Group Art Exhibition “Indonesia Diatas Kertas” (Indonesia on paper) at Gallery TBS (Surakarta Cultural Center) Solo, 1999).
  • Installation Exhibition “Kafe Demokrasi” (Democracy Café) at a public toilet at the Rumah Sewa Jurug (Solo. 1999).
  • Installation Exhibition “Senirupa Pembusukan” (Rotten Art) at the Annual Surabaya Art Festival (Surabaya, 1999). / G
  • Group Painting Exhibition with Java painters “Ragam Gaya Dalam Dinamika Situasionalnya” (Various Styles in the Situational Dynamics) at Gallery TBS (Surakarta Cultural Center) (Solo, 1999).
  • Video Art “Ideolgi dari Ruang Pinggir” (Ideology from the Outside) for Earth Day at the Art Wisma TBS (Surakarta Cultural Center) Solo, 1998). / G
  • “Super Dad”, collaboration with Bjeou and Tile at 678 Gallery Jakarta, 2009
  • “Save Them”, collaboration with Buyung Mentari at Perfurbance #4, (Jogja, 2008)
  • “Every Body Happy”, at Undisclosed Territory Performance art Event (Solo, 2007)
  • “Be Happy” (video Performance) at Switch ON Media art Exhibation, (Solo,2007)
  • “Home Sweet Home”, at Perfurbance #4, (Jogja, 2007)
  • The Light  of Clear Soul” at Bienalle Jogja VII (Jogja, 2006)
  •  “Petani Jiwa” (The Farmer of Soul), at Art Center Bali (Denpasar, 2005)
  • The Light  of Clear Soul” a collaboration with Jhohardy (movement artist, London-England) and Agus Bimo (Theater Mantra-Klaten) in the event Srawung Seni Sunya (Mendut, 2002).
  • In Touch” a collaboration with Toha (visual artist, Solo) and Petra Hohenwater (Painter, Passau-Germany) at Gallery Trimatra (Solo, 2001)
  • The Light and Shadow” a collaboration with Jaimie Jewwet (choreographer, Ohio-US), Djarot B Darsono (choreographer, Solo), and Martini Ratna (Dancer, Solo) in the show “Sharing Art and Religiosity” at Pura Samuan Tiga (Bali, 2001)
  • “Dialog of Soul” a collaboration with Izumi Nagano, Hari Sinthu and 2-Gang Art Community at the art faculty of UNS (University of March 11th) (Solo, 2000)
  • The Voice of Clear Soul” at the event Kemah Budaya (Kemah Culture) at Bagusan Beach (Jepara, Java 1999)
  • “Petani Jiwa” (The Farmer of Soul) a collaboration with  2-Gang Art Community to celebrate Earth Day  (Solo-Jogja, 2000)
  • Perangkap Itu Bernama Obsesi” (Trap is called Obsession) at Nampu Beach (Pacitan, 1999)
  • Suara Dari Dalam Tanah” (Voices From the Earth) as a visualiser for the work of  Putut H Pramono at the Makassar Art Forum (Makassar, 1999) Dari Satu Dua yang Lalu” (From One Comes Two) in remembrance of International Human Rights Day (Kawulan Perempuan) at the Art Wisma TBS (Surakarta Cultural Center) (Solo, 1998)