Undisclosed Territory #4

Willem Christiawan

Willem Christiawan

“Action Poetry can be viewed as one of contemporary arts belonging to non-representational genre. It does not come up from subjective consciousness as ideological response towards socio-cultural problems, but also a manifestation of the artist’s interior self-exploration. Action Poetry is unusual activity made up from the usual world. It could be read as multi-interpretable text. Thereby, it takes the risk of becoming “something” or “nothing at all”.

W Christiawan
Born. Bandung, 25th December 1957
Live and work in Bandung, IndonesiaOccupation
1991-up to now Lecturer at Theater Dept. of Indonesian Art College, Bandung
2002-up to now Artistic Director of Asbestos Art Space

2002 Post-graduated from Indonesian Literature, Indonesia University, Jakarta
1991 Graduated from Theater Dept, Indonesia Art institute, Yogyakarta.

Artist-in-residence program
2000 ALCHEMY, World New Media Art Artist and Curators Meeting,
Australian Network and Technology (ANAT), Quensland, Australia
1999 ITBX-Curtin University, School of Art , Perth, West Australia

Performance Art
2006Food and the City, Duo Performance with Mimi Fadmi, Asbestos Art Space, Bandung

2005 1st South East Asia Performance Art Symposium
and 6th Asiatopia International Festival Bangkok, Thailand

2004 Performance Studies International # 10, Singapore

2003 -5th Asiatopia International Festival, Bangkok, Thailand
-Performance Art Workshop in Tasilmalaya

2002 – International Symposium on Electronic Arts (ISEA), Nagoya, Japan
-Poligame, Touring Performance Art, Tasikmalaya & Ruang Rupa Jakarta
-Action Poetry, Parade Performance Art, French Cultural Centre, Bandung

2001 -6th Nippon International Performance Art Festival (NIPAF), Asian Summer Seminar, Jepang. -Indonesia-Japan Exchange, Bandung- Yogyakarta-Jakarta

2000 – Bandung Performance Art Festival, Barak Gallery
-Multimedia Asia Pacific, Power House, Sidney, Australia