Voice and Inner Movement Workshop with Anjeline De Dios, Phd (Manila)


Sunday, November 13th, 2022
10:00 – 13:00

at Studio Plesungan

Free Admission !



Using themes gleaned from their personal and training experiences, the facilitator will conduct a two-part sharing and workshopping session for the group to collectively explore vocal sounding as a primary modality of inner movement. ‘Voice’ is introduced as a multi-layered notion that can move between different scales and times of the self: from one’s most intimate and psychological sense of ‘I’ to a shared social-political identity with a community, other species, and life itself. To deepen this reflection, participants are invited to explore the creative and physical act of vocalising—through tones, textures, utterances, etc—after two short preparatory exercises in vocal sound production (diaphragmmatic breathing and glottal awareness). The group improvisation exercise will be loosely supported through sonic cues provided by the facilitator, until it organically comes to a close. The session closes with participants each sharing and listening to one another’s  impressions of the improvised chant.

ANJELINE DE DIOS (b.1982, Manila) is a chant artist who explores listening and other sonic infrastructures of healing. Jeline’s formative experiences of singing in her home communities of family and university choir eventually led to her specialising in Western classical and popular styles of vocal performance. Parallel to her singing, she maintained an exploratory meditation practice in hatha yoga, Jesuit contemplative, vipassana, Tibetan, ayahuasca, and nondual Christian contexts. She also pursued academic degrees in philosophy (BA, MA, Ateneo de Manila University), applied ethics (MA, Linkoping University), and cultural geography (PhD, National University of Singapore), where she studied the cultural politics of work, migration, sound, and identity. She is co-editor of the Elgar Handbook on the Geographies of Creativity (Elgar, 2020) and is writing a monograph based on her dissertation on migrant Filipino musicians.

From 2015, Jeline has blended her varied histories of learning into an interdisciplinary performance inquiry that ‘listens to listening’ as a guiding ethic of healing and creative potential. In private listening sessions and public workshop offerings, she uses her practices of improvised loop chanting and ethnographic research to facilitate sonic experiences of inner resonance and collective thinking. Her pedagogical approach is informed by her teaching and research experiences as a transnational Filipina academic, notably as Postdoctoral Fellow at the Asia Research Institute (2016) and as Assistant Professor in the Department of Cultural Studies at Lingnan University, Hong Kong (2017-2021). Anjeline’s performance experience is rooted in collaborations across/from Southeast Asia with artists and collectives such as Ryan Villamor, Tusa Montes, Ea Torrado/Daloy DC, WSK, and White Space Wellness (PH); Spring Workshop Improvised Music Collective, Ascolto Studio, and Wong Kit Yi (HK); Singing Bowl Gallery and HOM Studio (SG); and Mele Yamomo, Carla Boregas, and Ballhaus Naunyanstrasse (DE). She recently completed the Regional Open Source Hardware and Art (ROSA) group residency at Lifepatch and Hackteria (Yogyakarta), where she conducted listening workshops at Kebun Kali Code, Omah Kebun, and Studio Plesungan (Solo). She lives in Quezon City, Philippines. Her website is



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